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Nature tourism

Nature tourism

From our holiday home with private pool you can easily visit Girona. Girona is a privileged city in terms of its natural heritage. You will find rivers that penetrate the urban fabric, Mediterranean and riverside forests, mountain massifs such as the Gavarres, the valley of Sant Daniel, fields, orchards and crops, and, in general, a landscape that has managed to intertwine urban growth with the preservation of the natural environment. Just a few steps from the city centre you can enjoy all this and much more. Discover your active tourism activity in Girona!


By foot

Enjoy a guided walk around the city or hiking in the San Daniel Valley.

By bike

Cycling in Girona is present in all its forms: cycle touring, mountain biking, road routes and even electric bicycles.

In the water

Girona is the confluence of four rivers, and the vegetation, fauna and river environment offer a wide range of activities. Kayaking on the Ter river and canyoning are just some of the activities on offer in and around Girona.

In a baloon

Have you ever seen the city of Girona from a bird’s eye view? Fly over the city in a hot-air balloon and live a unique experience that will allow you to get to know it from another point of view.


  • – Anella Verda: The Anella Verda route runs through the entire eastern sector of the municipality of Girona, linking the different natural spaces that surround this area of the city. The route starts beside the River Onyar and ends in the agricultural plain of Campdorà. Along the route, you will find a representative sample of the different landscapes and natural environments of the city, as well as heritage and ethnographic elements linked to the traditional uses of these spaces. The Green Belt route can be done both in a south-north direction and the other way round. It is also possible to do half of the route to the north or to the south, starting from the historic centre (route marked in dotted lines). As it is not a circular route, it is necessary to provide means of transport to return to the starting point. There are public transport options for getting to and from the start and end points of the route in the centre of Girona. More information on the itinerary here
  • – Sant Daniel: This circular route will allow you to discover some of the most significant features of the Sant Daniel valley, one of the best-preserved natural areas in the city. The first part of the route runs through the old town of Sant Daniel, which had been an independent municipality until its annexation by Girona in 1963. Despite its close relationship with the city, Sant Daniel still retains much of its original rural charm. On leaving the urban area behind, nature takes centre stage and gives way to fields and crops, vestiges of what had been the main economic activity of this territory, and then begins the gentle transition towards the forest landscape of the protected natural area of Les Gavarres. Practical information here
  • – Puig de Sant Miquel: This itinerary will allow you to discover an unknown Girona, next to the historic centre of the city, and to discover a good sample of the natural, cultural and ethnographic heritage of the Gavarres. Crossing the valley of Sant Daniel, following the course of the river Galligants and its tributaries and passing through a landscape dotted with forests and small crops, you will enter the protected natural area of the Gavarres to climb the mountain of Sant Miquel, from where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of much of the territory of Girona, from the Empordà to the Pyrenees. At the top of the route you can choose one of the two variants that we propose: the Cal Micaló variant will allow you to observe numerous remains of constructions made using the traditional dry stone technique, while the Collet de en Figueres variant offers an alternative to the main route that passes, among other points, by the remains of the old Cal Mistaire spring, which has recently been restored. Information here
  • – Parc de les ribes del Ter and parc de la Devessa: This itinerary will allow you to discover two of the city’s main green lungs, located in the northwest of Girona city centre: the parks of La Devesa and Ribes del Ter, located on both sides of the river Ter. La Devesa is one of Girona’s most emblematic and characteristic spaces. It is a large park covering more than 40 hectares of land, approximately three quarters of which are occupied by plane trees arranged in wide avenues that form a total of 6 islands. On the other side of the river, the Ribes del Ter park is a large open area surrounded by riverside vegetation, located opposite the Girona-Fontajau Municipal Pavilion. The park forms part of the Ribes del Ter natural area, a wetland area comprising the banks of the river as it passes through Girona. The fact that this area, which is fairly well preserved, forms part of the city centre itself makes it of great importance from an ecological and environmental point of view. Information here.
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